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US House panel debunks many Benghazi theories

House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories

House report debunks Benghazi allegations

GOP-led House report debunks Benghazi allegations

US Congress report debunks Benghazi attack claims

Benghazi coverup allegations rejected in house investigation

US Senate blocks government surveillance reform bill

Bill Frenzel, ex-Minnesota congressman, dies at 86

AP Exclusive: Before Snowden, a debate inside NSA

NSA chief warns Chinese cyber attacks could shut US infrastructure

Obama orders review of 'terrorist-related' hostage cases

Obama orders review of US hostage policy

Frenchman seen in Islamic State video of beheadings

Benghazi review finds systematic security faults

Mikulski becoming 1st woman to head Appropriations

Petraeus Investigation Heads to Capitol Hill

Petraeus Testifies Before Congress on Libya

Obama responds warily to sex scandal, FBI probe

GOP opposition to diplomat Rice begins to crack

Obama's CIA pick chose spycraft over priesthood

Ex-FBI agent to plead guilty to being AP source

Syria's Assad denies chemical weapons use U.S. presses case for strike

Lawmakers debate whether US was outfoxed on Syria

Analysis - Obama lobbies personally for Syria vote

Analysis - Military action in Syria faces uncertain fate in U.S. Congress

US posts in Muslim world will remain closed

A family dynasty gives up The Washington Post

GOP, Dems divided alike on foreign policy issues

Chilly reception for Kerry in Brazil, Colombia?

House narrowly rejects effort to halt NSA program

Intel chief: Spying on allies is two-way street

Outrage mounts across Europe as more information released about alleged...

France should be 'popping champagne' over NSA spying: US lawmaker

Sochi forces hunt for 3 potential suicide bombers

Lawmakers say Obama surveillance idea won't work

US lawmakers raise safety concerns about Olympics

Official business behind him, Obama looks to 2014

Obama may ban surveillance of foreign allied leaders

Report: Obama brings chilling effect on journalism

One day, many dead: The start of Kenya mall siege

Obama nominates Comey to head FBI

NSA leaker charged with espionage, theft

House passes sweeping $638 billion defense bill

US officials long denied massive data trawling

NSA head says spy programs thwarted terror attacks

Lawmakers want more details before funding Syria

Snowden affair chills US-Latin American ties

US surveillance, Syria at issue on defense bill

UN: More 100,000 now dead in Syria's civil war

Officials: Dead bomber name in terrorism database

Egyptian Jewish leader buried in rundown cemetery

White House threatens veto on cybersecurity bill

AP IMPACT: Cartels dispatch agents deep inside US

New cyber medal production stopped, being reviewed

Congress considers putting limits on drone strikes

Hosts Russia roared on to first gold, Austria's Mayer wins downhill

Israel issues permits for east Jerusalem housing

White House apologizes to lawmakers over secret POW swap