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HRW urges Kuwait to amend laws curbing free speech

HRW slams Kuwait over 10-year sentence for tweeter

HRW says Saudi govt targeting dissidents with malware

HRW urges Cambodia to shut 'unjust' detention centres

Iraq forces executed 255 prisoners in revenge for Islamic State killings:...

Rights group says Dubai event abruptly cancelled

HRW: Syrian missiles kill hundreds of civilians

Ethiopia clears swathes of land, displacing thousands: HRW

Egypt detains refugees from Syria, forces them to leave: HRW

Iraq illegally detains thousands of women, tortures many - Human Rights...

Kuwait urged to probe torture claims of detained bidoon

HRW urges Saudi to free two Ahmadis held for apostasy

Afghan refugees in Iran face abuse, forced deportations: HRW

HRW condemns torture, abuse of women in Syria conflict

HRW presses Jordan to ease curbs on freedom of speech

Rwanda, Human Rights Watch in row over bias allegations

Ethiopia shot 'peaceful protesters': rights group

Kenyan activists backing ICC under attack: HRW

HRW urges Morocco to stop jailing homosexuals

Tens of thousands of political prisoners in Syria

Jordan urged to end military trials of protesters

Sudan deports 30 Eritreans, including refugees

UN must block flow of arms to Syria: HRW

Iraq forces executed 250 Sunni prisoners: watchdog

HRW calls on Morocco, Spain to end abuse of immigrants

Proposed Afghan law protects women's abusers, rights group says

HRW slams UAE for blocking rights news conference

HRW calls on Israel to stop shooting at Gaza civilians

Iraq security forces abuse women prisoners: HRW

Algeria only NAfrica state to block rights visits: HRW

Syria regime razed homes as 'collective punishment': HRW

UN rights review urged to press Jordan on freedoms

Kenya expels hundreds of Somalis

Rights group slams Syria's failure to allow aid access

HRW urges DR Congo to investigate attacks on activists

HRW slams Myanmar's proposed curbs on interfaith marriage

Rights group urges Pakistan to pull 'repressive' terror law

Syria jihadists accused of 'execution' war crimes

HRW slams 'injustice' in Bahrain courts

Group: Syrian jails full of political prisoners

Group urges Lebanon to protect Syrian refugees

South Sudan government troops, rebels may have committed war crimes - HRW

Group says Gaza Palestinians violated laws of war

Egypt denies Syrian refugees forced to leave

Guinea-Bissau smashes child slavery ring

Vietnam frees two high-profile dissidents

Watchdog: Syria targets civilians with crude bombs

Urgent action needed on forced child begging in Senegal

Syrian rebel groups sending children into war: HRW

Human cost of Sierra Leone mining boom highlighted

Syria government has razed neighborhoods

UN warns Somalia after alleged rape victim, journalists arrested

Saudi Juliet demands right to marry her Yemeni Romeo

Rwanda accused of 'forced disappearances'

Somali court sentences alleged rape victim, journalists