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US eating habits improve a bit - except among poor

China's Tencent shuts messaging accounts after censorship rules-state media

China's Tencent shuts messaging accounts after censorship rules: state...

Scientists dig into Ebola's deadly genes for clues

U.S. officials reach deal with Pennsylvania on Medicaid

US to begin safety testing Ebola vaccine next week

William Greaves, TV host and filmmaker, dead at 87

Poor response to Ebola causing needless deaths: World Bank

US faces intelligence challenge in Syria

US journalist thankful for work to secure freedom

Ebola virus sequences may aid hunt for treatments

US journalist thankful for work to secure freedom

Hedge funds hunt clues on US Treasury tax-inversion limits

Burger King has maneuvered to cut US tax bill for years

Burger King has maneuvered to cut US tax bill for years

NY man suing Facebook wants his lawyer to stay

Study: Billions of Earth-size planets in Milky Way

Study: Digital information can be stored in DNA

Will smart machines create a world without work?

Republican New York mayoral candidate needs to woo moderates

Voyager 1 becomes 1st craft to leave solar system

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Financial stress may hit brain and wallet

Ex-Microsoft exec Sinofsky joins Silicon Valley venture capital firm

Wife of China's Bo would only testify to protect son: sources

James Blake to retire after U.S. Open

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World's first pop-art satellite headed to space

Michelle Obama, serene at 50

Meditation offers slight relief from anxiety: study

Obesity declines among rich teens, rises in poor

American warns World Cup fans about Brazil police

Pete Seeger: America's celebrated folk music troubador

Fossils of Neanderthal DNA clump in human genome

Boston manhunt: Live Report

Malaysian students protest against government threats outside Anwar...

As developed countries improve, the BRICs stumble

'Appalling' email in Illinois spurs new GOP rift

AP IMPACT: Post-recession, higher ed paths diverge

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Obama nominates Furman as top economic adviser

Rapper Nas gets fellowship in his name at Harvard

Despite outcry, stand-ground law repeals unlikely

Study: Dead stars colliding forged gold on Earth

Frederick Sanger, double Nobel winner, dies at 95

Nobel author Doris Lessing dies at 94

Judge who issued NSA ruling often bucks executive

ShowBiz Minute: Jackson, Jackson, PSY

Facebook's Zuckerberg launches political group