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Today in History

Today in History

Bush: I never wanted to be a war-time president

U.S government releases video of air operations in the Gulf

Chile president 'evaluates' taking Guantanamo inmates

Obama, Clinton celebrate 20 years of AmeriCorps

Dick Cheney lectures Obama on Islamic State

Yahoo says gov't threatened $250,000 a day fine

A look at Sept. 11 commemorations in US

Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress?

Australia contributing planes for anti-IS campaign

US threatened Yahoo with huge fine over emails

Gov't threatened Yahoo with huge fine over emails

Appeals court reinstates Wisconsin's voter ID law

Highlights from Obama's speech on Islamic State

FACT CHECK: Obama on his plan for military action

U.S. lawmakers embrace fight against Islamic State, some question Obama...

Obama waits for Congress on Syria rebel aid

Obama remembers 9/11 as he sizes up new Mideast war

Sessions unopposed in primary or general election

Obama Appeals for Support for Military Campaign

Australia in Iraq: A brief history of Australia's involvement from...

Video shows slaying of British aid worker

Venezuela's UN Security Council bid gains backing

Syria's 'moderate' rebels say they need weapons, not training

Republican women face uphill fight this fall

No end in sight for America's Mideast war duties

Stock market is a wild card in fiscal cliff talks

On foreign policy, Kerry is Obama's good soldier

Ranchers split over US border security plan

Spokesman: George H.W. Bush in Intensive Care

Lieberman fears country may go over 'fiscal cliff'

Chief of staff: Bush getting excellent treatment

Presidents' kids talk about White House life

Obama pressing business and labor on fiscal cliff

Obama's big Hispanic win worries Republicans

The 'big' day: Is Election Day still as huge?

When it comes to gender gap, men play crucial role

Rep. Jackson Jr. resigns, citing mental health

At 55 and 53, couple split by Romney Medicare plan

Tea party lawmakers torn between beliefs, politics

Anti-Obama doc highlights weak Hollywood newcomers

Romney, Obama aim at swing voters on health care

Movie audiences find anti-Obama doc '2016'

Analysis: 4-year progress query puts Obama in box

Jeb Bush defends his brother, former president

How weak is US job market? Depends on your numbers

FACT CHECK: Obama and the phantom peace dividend

New England shapes up as Dem firewall for Senate

US drones kill senior Taliban figure in Pakistan

North Korea cracks down on knowledge smugglers

$1 million donations wanted for Obama inauguration

McChrystal takes blame for Rolling Stone article

Obama's CIA pick chose spycraft over priesthood

'Normal' Family Life Helps White House Kids

Interior chief Salazar stepping down in March

Clinton, Carter join Obama inaugural gathering

Episcopal priest chosen for inaugural benediction

Immigration overhaul? GOP, Dem senators vow action

White House, senators launching immigration push