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Sweden begins food tests in horsemeat scandal

EU warns of Bisphenol health threat

Ireland recalls 10 mln burgers on horsemeat fears

Burger King drops supplier linked to horsemeat

Dutch arrest meat works owner in horse meat probe

Ireland: Test shows Polish 'beef' 75 pct horsemeat

Controversial scientist claims pesticide toxicity 'proof'

EU aims to better protect bees from pesticides

Dutch find horse in 690 tonnes of abattoir meat

Dutch recall 11 tonnes of French horsemeat

Suppliers, grocers turning to DNA testing on meat

'Horseburger' firm blames 170 tons of Polish meat

US farmers, food interests unite against GMO labeling

Beekeepers sue EPA to ban pesticide, protect bees

EU proposal to protect bees stirs hornets' nest

No Russian ban on dairy, NZ govt says

Ireland: Horsemeat found in supermarket burgers

Court annuls EU approval of BASF's GM potato

Second GM corn set for EU approval after Court ruling

EU ministers call for emergency meat testing

Irish plant shuts over new horsemeat in burgers

US farmers, food interests unite against GMO labeling

FDA proposes sweeping new food safety rules

FDA: New rules will make food safer

In China meat scandal, McDonald's Japan switches to Thai chicken, no...

China hit by new flood of dead pigs in river

Poland: No proof yet horsemeat came from country

US says science should settle farm debates in trade deal with EU

Dodgy NSW eateries cleaning up act: govt

China probes food businesses Hong Kong bans imports in meat safety scare

Horsemeat: French company blamed, UK arrests

Two insecticides a risk for human nervous system: EU

New GM corn gets controversial EU go-ahead

Ireland: Plant sent horse labeled 'beef' to Czechs

Cause of death still a mystery in China-made pet food scare

China shuts meat factory supplying McDonald's, KFC

Indian food vendors get lessons in hygiene

Study says leafy greens top food poisoning source

Avian flu found in NSW egg farm

FDA halts production at Delaware cheese plant

Yum, McDonald's China food scare

McDonald's Hong Kong halts nugget sales over meat scandal

Dutch recall 50,000 tons of meat across Europe

Ore. Leg. hears genetically modified food bills

Chinese man stands trial for poisoning dumplings

EU: Test show no safety issues with horsemeat

China denies vaccine killed babies

In food poisoning probes, officials call for Yelp

Fonterra pleads guilty over botulism scare charges

Raw milk 'cow share' scheme leads to court fight

Ikea withdraws meatballs in more than 20 countries

Genetically modified foods confuse US consumers

Dutch company eyed in mislabeled horsemeat scandal

Abattoir fined for mutton dressed as lamb

China's premier 'declares war' on pollution

Chinese gets life in prison for 'gutter oil' profits: Xinhua

China probes meat scandal as foreign brands blasted