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Science, patients driving rare disease drug research surge

Liberia calls for sexual caution to beat Ebola outbreak

Montana officials end bighorn sheep hunting after die-off

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Drugmakers Focusing on Rare Disease Treatments

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Feds under fire for mass killings of starlings in Nevada

Public Health Emergency for Indiana HIV Outbreak

Drug-resistant TB threatens to kill 75 million people by 2050

Teva to buy U.S. drug developer Auspex Pharma for $3.5 bln

Teva to buy U.S. drug developer Auspex Pharma for $3.5 billion

GSK agrees UK deal for meningitis shot after Novartis stand-off

U.S. ad campaign points to dangers of dual cigarette/e-cig use

3 West African countries increase fight to end Ebola

Ken Burns unravels the mysteries of cancer in PBS film

Romania auction of Ceausescu memorabilia raises $55,000

Grandma Cissy prays for Bobbi Kristina but 'not a great deal of hope'

Dying Vet Gets Wish, Visits Pearl Harbor

White House unveils plan to fight antibiotic-resistant germs

American regional English dictionary running low on money

Uninsured rates drop by over a million since Obama's law

Indiana to declare public health emergency over HIV outbreak

West Brom to highlight head injuries with Astle retro kit

Angelina Jolie has ovaries removed over cancer concern

China clamps down on sexual content on WeChat

WH plan to fight antibiotic-resistant germs

Marriage plans and writing occupy Amanda Knox

Cancer experts laud Angelina Jolie's decision to remove ovaries

WHO denies politics swayed Ebola emergency declaration

Bird flu found in a top Minnesota turkey producing county

Sierra Leoneans to stay home in final push to stop Ebola

Answers to common questions about HIV, needles and drug use

Indiana governor overrides law to authorize needle exchange

U.N. targets shelter, water in $29.9 million appeal for cyclone-hit Vanuatu

WWII heroes to give congressional gold medal to Ohio museum

CDC: 11M fewer uninsured since passage of Obama's law

Online platform 'Open Humans' launches to share DNA, other data

CDC: Uninsured drop by 11M since passage of Obama's law

Gay, disabled journalist's 'personal view' new in Serbia

Late audits halt trading in Morgan Stanley-backed stocks

Angelina Jolie Reveals Preventative Surgery

Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer dies at 83

Recording could come back to bite Donald Sterling girlfriend

High nursing home bills squeeze insurers, driving rates up

Report: Racial disparities in arrests persist with legal pot

Farmers fund research to breed gluten-free wheat