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World Jewish Congress commemorates the Shoah on the 'Track 17'

White House sees progress in Congress for power to train Syrian opposition

Assurances for Poroshenko in Washington

Top U.S. general urges Congress to think again on defense cuts

Congress OKs bill to cut rape evidence backlog

Congress gets chance to probe Obama's war strategy

U.S. Congress pushes ahead with bid to arm Syrian rebels

Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress?

Boehner: Congress should back Obama's 'sound' Syria plan

US Congress authorizes Obama plan to train Syria rebels

US CEOs less optimistic about hiring, spending

US lawmakers move toward arming Syrian rebels, with conditions

US lawmakers to debate tailored Syria action bill Tuesday

Congress scrutinizes Obama military strategy

Obama: Combating Islamic State not US fight alone

NHTSA Grilled on Ability to Protect Drivers

Obama thanks Congress for vote to aid Syrian rebels

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Mexico probes Miley Cyrus show over flag-whipping

FIFA calls time on luxury watches

Ukraine leader warns of Russia threat, seeks US support

Brazil oil graft case accused keeps lips sealed

Two Indian states to go to polls October 15, chance for Modi gains

Iraqi Christians suffering like Jews did, pope tells Jewish leader

NFF defends decision to have Coles sponsor annual conference

Ukraine pays "high price" for beliefs-Poroshenko

US to train veterans to install solar panels

Singer and others accused of plot against Rwandan government

White House seeks to win over skeptics on Islamic State fight

U.S. NSA chief says monitoring tech-savvy Islamic State

Nigeria ruling party backs president's re-election bid

Mechanical issue slows first lady's Tennessee trip