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Obama to detail plans on Ebola offensive on Tuesday: WSJ

U.S. announces Ebola offensive

US works to step up Ebola aid, but is it enough?

Obama to ask for $88 million to boost anti-Ebola effort

Cuba sending dozens of doctors to fight Ebola

Doctors: Finding source unlikely in E. coli deaths

Obama to discuss Ebola response with top medical experts

Ebola: US sends 3,000 troops to W.Africa to 'turn tide'

American waistlines get bigger and bigger

Obama Orders Military Response to Ebola

Gates Foundations pledges $50 million to fight Ebola epidemic

Kids' poisonings linked to anti-addiction medicine

CDC study: Americans' bellies are expanding fast

US to assign 3,000 from US military to fight Ebola

Countries scramble to make up 'precious time' lost in Ebola fight

For Obama, Ebola one day, Islamic threat the next

Obama to huddle with generals planning IS assault

Obama: Ebola one day, extremist threat the next

Ebola survivor: No time to waste as Obama ups aid

Citing security threat, Obama expands US role fighting Ebola

EPA tightens standards for soot pollution

AP IMPACT: Big Pharma cashes in on HGH abuse

New push for most in US to get at least 1 HIV test

CPR less likely for minorities on street or home

CDC Doctor Explains Rise in Flu, Other Viruses

Giffords, Kelly launch gun control lobbying effort

Flu season puts businesses and employees in a bind

Flu season strikes early and, in some places, hard

CDC: 'A Lot of Influenza Activity Out There'

Obama unveils gun plan, concedes tough fight ahead

CDC: Leafy Greens Top Food Poisoning Source

Origin of salad-linked outbreak remains a mystery

Anti-smoking battle moves outdoors bans increase

Mosquito-borne virus spreading in Caribbean

Obesity declines among rich teens, rises in poor

NYC's Bloomberg: 'I feel perfectly safe'

Drug overdose deaths spike among middle-aged women

Eastern Snowstorm Brings Closures, Delays

Europe is big threat to resurgence of measles in US: experts

Experts: Ricin like that in letters easy to make

China bird flu mutates, might infect mammals

India announces low-cost rotavirus vaccine

Q&A: Weighing the value of less effective flu shot

CDC: Electronic cigarettes gaining awareness, use

FDA approves pill camera to screen colon

Health plans don't cover weight loss surgery

Hospital infections kill 200 daily in US

California lawmakers reconsider bare-hand food ban

Flu season waning younger adults hit hardest