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CDC: 2nd Nurse With Ebola Should Not Have Flown

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Mark Zuckerberg, wife donate $25 million for Ebola

Second Ebola-infected nurse flew day before she fell ill - US CDC

Second Ebola-infected nurse flew day before she fell ill - U.S. CDC

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Concern over spread of Ebola puts spotlight on CDC

Mayor: Ebola Patient Had Flown to Cleveland

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CDC: Nurse exposed to Ebola should not have flown

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Ebola cases follow cuts in US preparedness, research funding

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Democrats say GOP budget cuts hurt Ebola response

Democrats say Republican cuts hurt Ebola response

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Ebola-stricken nurse Pham to be treated near Washington

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CDC urges all US hospitals to 'think Ebola'

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Health official being monitored for Ebola

Second US Ebola case 'very concerning,' more possible

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US monitors health care worker aboard cruise ship

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