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Cameron's Conservatives level with opposition Labour ahead of election -...

Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour before May 7 election - TNS poll

Ahead of election, Labour leads Cameron's Conservatives by three points -...

Poll says UK's Miliband wins last pre-election TV debate but PM Cameron...

Poll says Miliband wins last pre-election TV debate but PM Cameron absent

Ahead of election, Cameron pledges to cut inheritance tax from 2017

Cameron no-show puzzles Britons at last election debate

Ahead of election, Labour narrowly leads PM Cameron's Conservatives - poll

Cameron woos voters with Thatcherite dream of home-owning democracy

Labour's Miliband wins final TV debate of election campaign - poll

Labour leader Miliband to PM Cameron - 'Come and debate me'

Liberal Democrats hint Cameron's EU referendum plan negotiable

Cameron's inheritance tax cut will help only a few - Labour

Cameron's party leads one pre-election poll, but others suggest race still...

Prosecutors drop illegal payments case against Cameron ex-aide Coulson

Election jitters add to mixed UK picture

British unemployment rate at multi-year low ahead of election

Ahead of election, Labour leads Conservatives by 1 point - YouGov poll

Labour leads Conservatives by 1 percent point ahead of election - poll

Support for Britain's Conservatives and Labour level before election -...

EU's British finance chief woos London capital market leaders

Ahead of election, Labour leads Conservatives by 2 points - poll

Gibraltar would seek to preserve EU ties if Britain voted to leave

UK voters count cost of living standards pain

UKIP tries to boost flagging support with image shift

UK house price growth hits five-month high in March - RICS

Labour and Conservatives tied ahead of election - poll

Britain's opposition Labour Party hold narrow poll lead - Populus

Labour and Conservatives tied again ahead of election - YouGov poll

Miliband tells voters - Trust me on the economy

Labour extends poll lead ahead of May 7 election - YouGov

Rapper Nelly arrested on felony drug charges in Tennessee

Scottish nationalists almost double poll lead over Labour Party - poll

Senators assistant coach Mark Reeds dies of cancer at 55

Conservatives aim to sell Lloyds shares to small investors

China-led AIIB will be lean, clean and green - official

Labour Party most likely to form government, Deutsche Bank research shows

Britain's Peaty sets 100 meters breaststroke world record

In British election, a taste for the absurd brings some relief

Oh Canada: Will Canada's 22 year Stanley Cup drought end?

South Korea's Park says won't tolerate graft as her PM faces bribery claim

Philippines says leader of a splinter Muslim rebel group dies

Labour pledge 7.5 billion pound tax avoidance clampdown

FTSE slips off record highs as mining stocks weaken

Labour courts youth with pledge to end unpaid internships

In UK election, party promises range from nukes to bees

FTSE slips off record highs as weak China data hit miners

South Korea lifts travel ban on Japanese journalist in defamation trial

OECD says BOJ has done enough, warns of QQE risks

Labour pledges to tackle exploitation of migrant workers

Race to Stanley Cup one of the most wide open in years

UK inflation steady at record-low zero percent in March

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