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CNN cuts end Mitchell's show on HLN network

Twitter lets users stream music, audio via SoundCloud tie-up

Twitter lets users stream music, audio via SoundCloud tie-up

Death toll hits 22 from deadly India cyclone

Indiana police say more victims possible after seven bodies found

Fan dispute at Fla. debate prompts finger-pointing

US Sen. Paul: Ebola "incredibly" contagious

Missouri officer says he feared for life before shooting unarmed teen:...

Americans 'can't give in to hysteria or fear' over Ebola - Obama

India PM's party tightens grip on power with thumping poll wins

U.S. health official allowed new Ebola patient on plane with slight fever

Americans 'can't give in to hysteria or fear' over Ebola: Obama

Obama appoints Ebola 'czar' Texas health worker isolated on ship

Lax health protocol helped spread Ebola in US, Fauci says

CDC to revise Ebola protocol, Pentagon preps team

Romney legacy expands to brain diseases

Costello, Lauper up for Songwriters Hall of Fame

Castro: Cuba would cooperate with US against Ebola

Vandals bring down sex toy shaped sculpture in Paris

College: Arrests, injuries during pumpkin fest

Fed likely to end bond buying, may signal caution on rate hikes

Early Velazquez painting returns to Spain for exhibition

Billy goat plums breed life into Indigenous communities

Quiet 'whiz kid' now public face of Ebola fight

Future of food served up in Paris

Neil Patrick Harris to host 2015 Oscars

Mark Cuban says he's buying Netflix stock, sees takeover

How I Met Your Oscar? Neil Patrick Harris to host Academy Awards

New US Ebola case a nurse who treated man in Texas

Graham, O'Meara, Davies voted into Hall of Fame

Gov. to French, Irish: Don't mess with our tobacco

Schools urged to be role model in social media realm

Hong Kong leader hopes for fresh talks after night of clashes

'Glass ship' Vuitton museum kicks off art-rich week in Paris

Brown pursues lasting policy legacy in California

Hong Kong police use sledgehammers, chainsaws to clear protest barriers,...

Trial opens to judge ex-Khmer Rouge on genocide

Want to help Africa? Start with women, Melinda Gates says

Tokyo flaunts edgy designs as rivals seek Asian fashion crown

Former NC mayor sentenced for taking bribes

US stocks move higher IBM disappoints

GOP governors don't see 'Obamacare' going away

Moynihan reshapes Bank of America for an era without big legal costs

Hong Kong police clear protesters, barricades

Victorian election 2014: Jobs the key for voters in the marginal region of...