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CDC: Flu seems to level off except in the West

CDC reassigns director of lab behind anthrax mistake

CDC: Anthrax Lapse 'Should Never Have Happened'

Dozens of US workers taking anti-anthrax drugs

Around 75 US scientists may have been exposed to anthrax: CDC

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Dozens of CDC workers taking anti-anthrax drugs

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Head of troubled US anthrax lab resigns

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CDC says lab director behind anthrax mishap resigns

Vials of smallpox discovered in US govt storage room

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CDC lab workers might have been exposed to anthrax

US backs expanded AIDS therapy for prevention

US health chief admits 'pattern' of safety failures

Vials of smallpox discovered in US govt storage room

CDC addresses lab safety problems

Anthrax scare reveals more US lab safety problems

CDC: 24 E. coli illnesses linked to frozen foods

Study says leafy greens top food poisoning source

Northern Territory on measles alert

US study: Fewer dying in hospitals, more at home

CDC app lets you solve disease outbreaks at home

Danger of tropical disease increases in wet

After early start, worst of flu season may be over

Health officials: Worst of flu season may be over

'One in 68 kids has autism'

Chia powder linked to salmonella illnesses

US lab mixed up potent flu strain

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Hedgehog Alert! Prickly pets can carry salmonella

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Child traffic deaths drop 43 percent over decade

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US measles cases reach 20-year high

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US health chief faces Congress over flu, anthrax mixups

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Anthrax exposure risk for 75 US lab workers

CDC Anthrax Outbreak Doesn't Pose Public Threat

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Flu season waning younger adults hit hardest