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EU commissioner surprised at Cameron's reaction to EU bill

NYC Mayor: we are fully prepared to handle Ebola

Britain confident of reducing 2.1 billion euro EU bill - Osborne

Britain confident of reducing 2.1 billion euro EU bill: Osborne

State parliamentary committee rejects bill to mandate ethanol-blended fuels

Foreign fighters bill to go before Senate

UK's Cameron escalates row over EU bill, press rails at Brussels

Tens of thousands march for gay rights in Taiwan

Bill to protect disabled people from abuse is introduced into SA Parliament

Man pleads guilty in Las Vegas puppy-store fire

UK defends refusal to pay EU bill as press shakes fist at Brussels

Anti-protest bill cannot be saved, former Supreme Court judge tells MPs

Tens of thousands march for gay rights in Taiwan

Hollande tells Cameron all EU states must respect budget rules

British PM Cameron's bid to guarantee EU referendum fails

Christie increases Atlantic City aid to non-gambling projects

De Blasio: We Have to Be "smart' About Ebola

Direct Action passes Senate with support of Palmer United Party

Controversial Foreign Fighters Bill passes Senate

Cyprus court ruling opens way for bailout funds

Snow clean up bill estimated at more than $500,000

NYC Tries to Ease Ebola Fears After First Case

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U.S. nurse who had Ebola is virus free: health officials

Tasmania's anti-protest laws pass Upper House hurdle

NY voters to decide on digital legislation

Conservationists concerned about Marine Park management changes

Orman seeks votes in Roberts' rural Kansas base

NY Mayor: Respect Workers Treating Ebola Patient

U.S. officials urge more govt-business cooperation on cybersecurity

Jeb Bush swipes at Hillary Clinton in Colorado

U.S., allies stage 22 air strikes in Iraq - U.S. Central Command

U.S., allies stage 13 attacks on Islamic State targets in Syria, Iraq

EU warns row over budget payment puts British rebate at risk