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BLM brings in $20M in oil, gas lease sale

BLM oil, gas leases in ND fetch $11.4 million

Roan Plateau options include directional drilling

New federal focus: 'Compassion' for wild horses

Federal land worker threatened on Utah highway

Reid calls rancher's backers 'domestic terrorists'

Critics skeptical of US 'compassion' for mustangs

Ripples of Nevada range showdown spreading in West

BLM advises grazing reduction in Montana

Little of federal horse budget spent on fertility

Protest over off-limits trail on US land

Bringing back good old days of logging difficult

Rancher inspects cattle after showdown with feds

Fertility drugs, nature better than horse roundups

Gov. Herbert: Uphold laws during ATV protest

Senator joins critics of federal cattle roundup

Dozens of protesters ride in off-limits canyon

Fed govt failed to inspect higher risk oil wells

Two officers hurt in shootout near California campground

Dozens of protesters ride in off-limits canyon

Report: Nevada ranch battle spurs radical right

Feds to pursue effort to end dispute with rancher

Feds try to fix damage from elaborate pot farm

Panel: US should let nature cull wild horse herds

Bundy sons in Nevada accuse feds of assault in police complaints

IG: Undervalued coal leases cost US $62 million

Protection sought for wild horses in US West

Interior secretary apologizes for reporter threat

Federal protection sought for wild horses in West

Militia members, ultra-conservatives rally to cause of Nevada rancher

Gov. Hickenlooper opposes Thompson Divide drilling

Appeals board upholds permit for Christo project

Man agrees to restitution in vandalism at monument

Feds: Safety concerns led to Nevada cow release

Feds release cows gathered in Nevada roundup

US rancher had limited sympathy in the West

Nevada rancher's kin take grazing fight to sheriff

Interior issues new drilling rule on public land

Judge: Feds violated law in Monterey oil leases

Tension growing between ranchers, mustang backers

Nevada rancher had limited sympathy in the West

Artist Christo takes small steps on Colo. project

US feds release rancher's cows after protests