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'Girlfriend' crack makes Obama voting all laughs

Obama casts his vote early in Chicago

Obama calls late Ben Bradlee a 'true newspaperman'

Obama Casts His Ballot Early in Chicago

Putin accuses Obama of a 'hostile' attitude towards Russia

Obama casts vote in Illinois

Klain meets with Obama on first day as Ebola czar

Obama and Poroshenko leader consult on cease-fire

Obama votes early in Chicago, encourages others to follow

Obama: US can't cut itself off from West Africa

Obama votes early in Chicago

Obama to seek more funds to fight Ebola: Bloomberg

What does Michelle Obama turn out for? A turnip

At rallies, Obama casts 2014 as key for his legacy

Obama authorizes National Guard, reserve call-up for Ebola

Campaign Trail, Obama Says GOP Is Peddling Fear

Obama works to boost early voting in Maryland, Illinois ballots

Obama targets his campaign message to core voters

Obama hits campaign trail, attacks Republicans

Obama calls on European leaders to do more in Ebola fight: WHouse

Michelle Obama rocks out with turnip to promote good eating

Obama cancels campaign trip, Ebola meeting set at WHouse

Michelle Obama rocks out with turnip to promote good eating

Obama signs cybersecurity order, wants safer payments

Obama weighs Ebola czar Texas toughens monitoring

Obama keeps his schedule clear to focus on Ebola

Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, some leave early

Obama: Ebola Point Person "may Be Appropriate"

It can happen to anyone: Obama's credit card declined

Obama Calls for CDC 'SWAT' Team for Ebola Virus

Travel ban may not help prevent Ebola spread - Obama

Obama Cancels Trip, Summons Cabinet on Ebola

Michelle Obama rallies voters in Iowa, Minnesota

Obama praises Supreme Court stance on gay marriage: magazine

US to be 'more aggressive' in monitoring Ebola response: Obama

Obama's under-used credit card declined in NY

On visit home, Obama looks backward and forward

Obama juggles campaign duties with Ebola response

US to be 'more aggressive' in monitoring Ebola response: Obama

Obama says considering appointing an Ebola 'czar' to lead US effort

Obama pitches for votes on black radio

Obama and Erdogan promise to intensify IS fight in Syria

Budget deficit drops to $483B, lowest since 2008

The Clintons, the Democrats' 2014 super surrogates

First person to contract Ebola in the U.S. transferred to NIH

Obama signs order to tighten security for federal credit cards

Earnest: President Holding More Talks on Ebola