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House speaker tells Obama to 'get serious' about defeating Islamic State

Obama and Japan's Abe Tour Lincoln Memorial

Obama Honors Super Bowl Champs at White House

Obama: NASCAR's winning team kind of like me and Biden

Obama and Japanese PM Abe visit Lincoln memorial

Obama: 'We Don't Take This Work Lightly'

Obama Honors NASCAR Champ at White House

Obama vows 'we're going to review what happened' in hostage death case

Russian hackers read Obama's unclassified emails last year: NYT

Obama:'Climate Change Can No Longer Be Denied'

Obama: "I profoundly regret" deaths of U.S., Italian hostages

Obama honors Patriots for Super Bowl win, community service

In Florida's Everglades, Obama wades into climate change politics

Obama pokes fun at himself and opponents at "nerd prom"

Two Hostages Killed in US Drone Strike

Mourning over the death of American, Italian killed in U.S. drone strike

Obama to Democratic trade critics: 'I take that personally'

Russian hackers read Obama's unclassified emails last year - NYT

Obama Takes Responsibility for Hostage Deaths

Obama: US Better Off With Loretta Lynch

First lady: Tech industry to train, hire 90K military vets

U.S. Senate may face contentious debate on Iran nuclear bill

Senate may face contentious debate on Iran nuclear bill

Obama, Abe putting joint face on trade amid opposition in US

Obama pokes fun at political friends and foes at White House dinner

Officials: Ex-Pentagon spokesman to move to State Department

Angst about Iran deal at Republican Jewish meeting

Obama says U.S. has warned Iran not to send weapons to Yemen

Obama sounds alarm on climate damage in visit to Everglades

Republicans move to extend spies' power to collect phone data

Obama defends US intelligence after hostage deaths

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy greets Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Boston

Obama, lawmakers mingle to mark rare bipartisan breakthrough

Barack Obama state china sports Hawaii blue

Obama turns 2016 hopefuls into comic fodder for media dinner

Illinois lawmakers fast-track OKs for Obama, Lucas museums

Jeb Bush knocks Hillary Clinton over Asia trade talks stance

Obama pokes fun at political friends and foes at White House dinner

Obama again avoids calling 1915 Armenian killings 'genocide'

White House Unveils Obama State China

Obama: Democratic critics of his trade agenda are 'wrong'

In US-Japan talks, China is the elephant in the room

Loretta Lynch Confirmed As Next Attorney General

Abe visits Arlington Cemetery, Holocaust Museum in DC

Players from politics, Hollywood mix it up at 'Nerd Prom'

Biden, seeking to ease U.S.-Israel strains, pledges delivery of new...

Winding up, Obama tosses zingers at press, political foes

Biden, seeking to ease US-Israel strains, pledges delivery of new warplanes

Campaigning Clinton has qualms about trade deal

US to announce plans to reduce agricultural carbon emissions

Japan's Abe seeks to showcase close U.S. ties on landmark visit