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U.S. Attorney General Holder to resign, official says

White House: Attorney General Holder Resigning

U.S. Attorney General Holder steps down

Obama accepts Holder resignation, praises record

US federal prison population down first time since 1980

U.S. attorney general criticizes Apple, Google data encryption

U.S. attorney general criticises Apple, Google data encryption

U.S. Attorney General Holder to step down, successor faces array of...

Michael Brown, Eric Garner Families Speak in DC

US Attorney General Holder resigns

Holder's legacy: counterterrorism to civil rights

US Attorney General Eric Holder to resign

Holder resigning: Attorney general backed rights

Holder departure will bring civil rights questions

Third Colombian admits role in killing of US agent

Obama pal Eric Holder to leave after 6 years as AG

Holder: Mixed record on national security issues

Eric Holder legacy as financial crime fighter built in last year

For Obama, Holder exit leaves void on civil rights issues

Federal prison population drops by roughly 4,800

Ferguson police chief apologizes over black teen's shooting

US to pay $500 million in compensation to Navajo tribe

Next US attorney general faces daunting national security challenges

US says airstrikes may have 'disrupted' plotting

Families want investigations into police deaths

Brown's Parents Dismiss Police Chief's Apology

Obama: Mistrust of police corrodes America

Parents of Michael Brown unmoved by chief's apology

Khorasan: Al-Qaeda offshoot planning 'major attacks'

Obama says mistrust of police corroding America

Obama tells black caucus their votes needed along with prayers

Pot votes in 2 states challenge US drug war

SUPER BOWL WATCH: Super indeed, Baltimore's joy

Ex-FBI agent to plead guilty to being AP source

Death penalty protocol focus of US bomb hearing

Ginsburg says push for voter ID laws predictable

Obama likely to accept change in spying on leaders

Obama clips NSA's wings but bulk collection to continue

Lawmakers say Obama surveillance idea won't work

Ex-BP engineer convicted on 1 obstruction charge

UK, US, Libya call for justice over Lockerbie, 25 years on

Boston manhunt: Live Report

J&J fined $2.2 bn for faulty drug claims, kickbacks

Japan car parts makers in price-fixing plea

Wall Street breaks spell Penney turns on a dime

Obama's ATF nominee gets Senate hearing

Google asks to publish more government information

Gay marriage ruling will help many veteran spouses

Despite outcry, stand-ground law repeals unlikely

Judge: Govt position in drone suit 'disconcerting'

A look at why the Benghazi issue keeps coming back

Striking back against court's Voting Rights ruling

Obama heads to South Africa for Mandela memorial

Ex-DEA heads: Feds should nullify state pot laws

Obama signs expanded Violence Against Women Act