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Senators call for end to Afghan helicopter deal

Hagel: 200 Military Advisors Now in Iraq

Seasoned combat leader takes over Africa Command

Beetle Bailey creator honored on 90th birthday

Sen. McCain plans to stall Dempsey's nomination

Military Top Brass Grilled Over Sexual Assaults

DOD: Budget Issues Hurt Fighting Forces

DOD: Budget Issues Hurt Fighting Forces

Top military leader disputes diplomat on Benghazi

White House upset with House defense bill

Obama orders military to review sexual assault

General demoted for lavish travel and spending

General demoted for lavish travel and spending

Panetta: Don't jump to conclusions about Allen

General demoted for lavish travel, spending

Top military leader outlines costs, risks on Syria

Top officers issue urgent warning over budget cuts

US general: Taliban likely to be long-term threat

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Senator: Fire commanders allowing sex assault

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Bergdahl scheduled to arrive in Texas on Friday

AP Exclusive: Misconduct forces more soldiers out

Senator vows to delay Obama's nominees over Libya

General in charge of nuclear missiles is fired

US looks to send training teams to Lebanon, Iraq

Afghans: Foreign spies at root of insider attacks

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Rising Afghan insider attacks imperil US strategy

Navy pilot earns degree in combat zone

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Obama vows sustained effort on military sex abuse

McKeon says many to blame for DOD's fiscal dilemma

Correction: Captured Soldier story

Hagel orders review of sex-abuse prevention

Obama vows to end 'scourge' of military sex abuse

US top general seeks Afghan troops deal by October

Senators blast military response to sex assaults

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