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Iran marks Army Day with a joint military parade

Prince Harry flies a Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter in Australia

Lebanon gets first shipment of $3B worth of French arms

Iran's Rouhani says Tehran's military strategy aims for peace

Army kills over a dozen gang members in El Savador

Romania to make special flak jackets for its female soldiers

Dozens of Hamas supporters detained in overnight West Bank raid

Rivals row over top Afghan defence posts as Taliban goes on attack

My, my! Many Britons ignorant about Battle of Waterloo

Boko Haram slit a dozen throats as army tries to save civilians

Egypt to destroy torched building of Mubarak's party

Only horse flagged in NCAA game, Rutgers' Lord Nelson, dies

Former Yemen president Saleh says will not leave country

New Yemen VP says he hopes to avert Saudi invasion

AP Interview: Libya army chief bets on military solution

U.S. begins training Ukrainian guardsmen despite Russia's concerns

Service held to mark 20 years since Oklahoma City bombing

Iraqi forces fight IS militants at gates of Anbar provincial capital

Air strike on missile base in Yemen capital causes huge explosion -...

Philippines seeks Southeast Asian unity denouncing China reclamation

Egypt sentences 22 members of Brotherhood to death: judicial sources

Cairo students clash with security ahead of Mursi trial

Gunfire and explosions in Yemen

Colombia resumes air raids on rebels after 11 troops killed

Mideast's arch-survivor stands in way of Saudi success in Yemen

Air strike in Yemen capital causes huge explosion: residents

Death sentence for 22 Brotherhood members in Egypt

Egypt sentences 22 members of Brotherhood to death - judicial sources

Southern Syria rebels set collision course with al Qaeda

U.S. rebalance to Asia begins with major military drill in Philippines

Assad says Turkish support 'main factor' in Idlib takeover

Guatemalan ex-dictator's daughter announces presidential bid

Police teargas protesters opposing presidential third term in Burundi

Yemen's Houthi leader accuses Saudi Arabia of seeking to invade

South Africa anti-foreigner violence spreads to center of Durban

Polish PM sees ride by Russian bikers as a 'provocation'

War vets tour Agent Orange victims center in Hanoi

Jordan hosts international competition of anti-terror squads

Iraqi Kurdish forces widen buffer around oil-rich city of Kirkuk

Video shows massive explosion at Yemen missile base

Colombian rebels blame government for war's rising death toll

Yemen tribesmen take control of oil terminal, airport

First WWI gas attack produced new horrors, changed warfare

Legally married at work, but not at home

Report: Violence growing in central Mali 2 years later

China's Xi Jinping arrives in Islamabad

Amid tensions, Chinese premier meets Japan delegation

One year on, Thailand's testy coup leader battles dictator label

Stories of love, life, death in high court gay marriage case

Iraqi prime minister says committed to reforms to attract business

Iraqi forces retake most of Baiji refinery from Islamic State

Putin repeats denial of Russian involvement in Ukraine