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Angela Merkel downplays anti-euro party's success

Merkel asks Putin to explain reports of Russian troops in Ukraine

Merkel: Arming Kurds in Germany's interest

Ukraine accuses Russia of "undisguised aggression"

German voters in Saxony could crimp Merkel's eastern dominance

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Germany plans to tighten EU migration rules

German anti-euro party enters 1st state assembly

Defending arming of Kurds, Merkel calls Islamic State a threat to Europe

Germany to decide on military aid for Iraq on Sunday

Germany to decide on military aid for Iraq on Sunday -minister

German economic fears growing but Merkel strong

Germany posts budget surplus as pressure rises to boost growth

Draghi 'supports' France's call to boost European demand

Obama accuses Russia, says no US military action in Ukraine

Tusk Stakes EU Leadership Claim as Jobs Battle Nears Climax

Poland's Tusk, Italy's Mogherini get EU top jobs

Twenty years on, Schaeuble pleads again for core Europe

Germany to send anti-tank weapons, rifles to Iraqi Kurds

Berlin mayor to resign by end of year

EU leaders seek riposte to Russia

EU vows to hit Russia with new sanctions if Ukraine war worsens

Booming budget surplus raises pressure on Germany

UK ready to back Poland's Tusk as next European Council president

Asia shares hit as Ukraine tensions trump US data

Afghan defence minister may attend key NATO summit

Obama leads condemnation as West rounds on Russia

Putin faces debt to import curbs as EU dips into sanctions chest

Ukraine vessels attacked as new EU sanctions against Russia loom

Austerity debate flares as Europe recovery fades

Russia's Putin urges release of Ukrainian soldiers

UK said to press EU to block Russia from SWIFT banking network

Ukraine accuses Russia of 'open aggression' as rebels advance

EU to mull new Russia sanctions as Ukraine army pushed back

Obama puts Ukraine violence squarely on Russia

EU struggles with dearth of women in top jobs

Obama cautions against using force to solve crises

Foreign pilgrims flock to Spain's Santiago trail