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Germany's Merkel to visit Ukraine on Saturday

Merkel urges Putin in call to end stream of arms, fighters into Ukraine

Merkel's Ukraine role mirrors rising German ambition

German secret service 'spied on Hillary Clinton': reports

Stiglitz Says Stalled Euro-Area Economy Shows Dismal Failure

German security recorded Clinton conversation

Report: German intel spied on Kerry, Clinton

Gun-shy Germany mulls arms for Iraqi Kurds

Brussels pleads with Germany to let wages rise

Ukrainian forces press attacks on rebel-held areas

Ukraine-Russia talks seek to defuse crisis amid agreement on aid

Ukraine says battles raging in heart of rebel-held Lugansk

Ukraine says rebels kill 'dozens' in strike on refugee convoy

Ukraine warplane shot down as clashes kill dozens

Ukraine says battles rage in heart of rebel-held Lugansk

Kaeser Wants New Model Insisting Goliath Still Is Siemens

Ukraine: Troops make breakthrough in rebel stronghold

Ukraine separatist leader says rebels getting tanks, reinforcements

Putin threat stirs European tank ambition dormant since Cold War

ECB's Asmussen says Greece to need aid beyond 2014

Germany: Greece must follow through with reforms

Merkel, Hollande press Greece to pursue reforms

Germany hopeful court will bless euro rescue fund

Merkel praises Italy reforms as markets improve

ECB's Draghi faces German lawmakers

New Dutch coalition govt seeks $20 billion in cuts

AP sources: Foreign help to US could be exposed

UK urges EU to cut red tape and clear way for shale

France is latest US ally angered by NSA snooping

Poland's first post-communist PM Mazowiecki dies

White House, lawmakers: no clemency for Snowden

Snowden seeks the world's help against US charges

After victory, Merkel to form new government