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Al-Qaida: IS should rejoin group and fight West

UAE official warns of potential for IS-Shabab link

Syrian rebels clash with government troops, 19 die

Officials: Clash in Yemen town kills 250 in 3 days

Lebanese troops clash with gunmen in northern city

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Larson named AP's West Africa bureau chief

Egypt to create buffer zone along Gaza border

Egypt declares state of emergency in northern Sinai

Clashes in northern Lebanon kill 5, wound others

Calm prevails northern Lebanese city after clashes

Family ties can be a candidate's blessing or curse

Syrian official slams Turkey 'aggression'

Kerry expresses solidarity with Canada

Roberts raises fears about terrorists in Kansas

Burkina Faso president refuses to step down after protests

Army battles armed groups in Lebanese city

Marine murder case reveals US-Philippine sore spot

Army, 'US drone' hit Sunni-held positions in Yemen

Shiite rebels capture central Yemeni city

Clashes, drone strike 'kill dozens' in Yemen

Al Qaeda militants push back Shi'ite rebels' advance on central Yemen...

British, US troops mark withdrawal from Helmand province

Ten civilians killed as Yemeni Houthis advance into Qaeda stronghold

Jordan arrests influential al Qaeda scholar for 'incitement'

Syria Al-Qaeda threatens Lebanon prisoners over Tripoli unrest

US commando who killed Bin Laden to reveal identity

French soldier killed in clash with Islamist militants in Mali

Somali president, prime minister spar over cabinet reshuffle

One dead in Somali car bomb attack

French soldier killed during clash with Islamist militants in Mali

Idlib under attack

Islamic State fights Syrian army for gas field, kills 30: monitor

French staff sergeant killed in Mali clash with 'terrorist group'

Islamic State fights Syrian army for gas field, kills 30 - monitor

French forces engaged in large-scale operation in Mali: army

Somalia leaders in major reshuffle row

Jihadists flock to Libya's remote south to train

Major party supports move to extend Burkina Faso leader's rule

France criticises slow deployment of U.N. peacekeepers in Mali

US drone strike kills four militants in NW Pakistan

Nobel peace laureates press Obama on torture

At least 3 million in Somalia in need of aid - UN Secretary General

U.S. boosts security at government buildings citing terrorist threat