Police say they were concerned by the number of underage drinkers at New Year's Eve festivities in Canberra.

The city centre was transformed into a party venue last night with a concert in Civic Square and a dance party in Garema Place.

There were two fireworks shows from City Hill at 9:00pm and midnight.

Police say crowds were generally well behaved with only a few arrests for drunken scuffles.

But Superintendent Brett Kidner says he was concerned about the number of teenagers roaming the streets in the early hours of the morning.

"We took 15 young people into protective custody for either intoxication or possession of or consumption of alcohol," he said.

"These young people were held by police until the release into the care of a parent or guardian however we sort of feel that even though we took in 15 there were probably a lot more youths that could have come into our custody."

Five drunk adults were taken to the ACT Watch House, along with four others for breaches of the peace.

Police conducted 263 random breath tests with two people returning low-range positive results. Six traffic infringement notices were issued.

Superintendent Kidner says it appears people took notice of the drink-driving and road safety messages.

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