Amanda Knox confirms that she has no plans to return to Italy for a retrial.

On Monday in an interview with the the UK based Daybreak TV show she said she said she had little confidence in the Italian justice system where she STILL faces charges of murdering her British roommate in 2007.


"I have plenty to fear because I was already in prison wrongfully, I was already convicted wrongfully, and this is everything to fear. This, as an innocent person, is the ultimate nightmare. It doesn't make sense."

Knox, spent four years in prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher, whose half-naked body was discovered with more than 40 wounds the apartment the two shared in central Italy.

She was acquitted in 2011 when she returned to her Seattle, Washington-area home.


"I'll do anything to prove my innocence."

She said she would take a lie detector test.


"A lie-detector - that would be just - I would be fine with that."

The Italian Supreme Court ordered a retrial in March due to inconsistencies in the appeal court's decision to release Knox.