Tents are pitched in Damascus as more people join a campaign to become human shields in Syria.

The campaign is called "Over our bodies", and organizers say they are receiving calls from all over the world asking for permission to join the ranks.

And it's not just supporters of President Bashar a-Assad. An opposition figure says she will call everyone she can to take part in the campaign.


"We should at least defend our country regardless of any opinion, notions or points of view because at this time there is no difference in the points of view anymore. This is the least we can do -- to defend our country with our bodies."

Some entire families have joined the group.


"I am a normal citizen and I am not a government employee and I do not do anything in the government. When I heard about this activity, I came with my family."

On Saturday U.S. President Barack Obama formally asked for Congressional approval for a military strike against Syria, over the suspected use of chemical weapons that killed more than 1,400 people.

On the ground "Over our Bodies" plans to stand firm, even if an anticipated strike will likely not come before mid-September at the earliest.