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AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 12 August 2013

1. Wide exterior of theater

2. Zoom out on movie poster

3. Wide of Oprah Winfrey posing for photographers

The Weinstein Company

4. Film clip: "Lee Daniels' The Butler"

AP Entertainment

Los Angeles, 12 August 2013

5. Wide of Oprah Winfrey speaking to reporters

6. SOUNDBITE (English) Oprah Winfrey, Actress/Media Mogul (on Swiss store clerk incident): "Oh god. I would like to make some really profound analogy about it. I think that incident in Switzerland was just an incident in Switzerland. I'm really sorry that it got blown up. I purposefully did not mention the name of the store. I'm sorry that I said it was Switzerland. I was just referencing it as an example of being in a place where people don't expect that you would be able to be there. And you know for me racism doesn't show up. Nobody's going to come and call me the N-word to my face unless they're a thug on Twitter, you know or Facebook, you got those Twitter thugs. So it doesn't show up that way. I was just saying it shows up for me differently. It shows up, I'm in a store and the person doesn't obviously know that I carry the black card and so they make an assessment based upon the way I look and who I am. And I cleaned up. I washed my hair and put on my Donna Karan skirt because I know those people in the stores can be very snooty pooty, you know? So I thought 'let me dress so I don't get turned away' and it happened anyway. So I guess I didn't dress up enough. And I didn't have anything that said 'I have money.' I wasn't wearing a diamond stud, I didn't have a pocketbook, I didn't wear Louboutin shoes. I didn't have anything. I just had on a Donna Karan skirt and top and some sandals, you know? Which you should be able to go in a store looking like whatever you look like and say 'I'd like to see this.' That didn't happen. It's not an indictment against the country or even that store. It was just one person who didn't want to offer me the opportunity to see the bag. So no apologies necessary from the country of Switzerland. If somebody makes a mistake in the United States do we apologize in front of the whole country? No!"

Reporter: "What do you want people to learn about this film?"

Oprah Winfrey: "I don't want you to just learn. I want you to go and enjoy it. It's entertaining. I don't want people to think it's spinach, it's not. It's funny. You'll laugh a lot."

The Weinstein Company

7. Film clip: "Lee Daniels' The Butler"


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