Taipei, Taiwan - June 25, 2013


1. Opposition lawmakers (in green jackets) pushing to get on podium occupied by ruling party lawmakers (in blue jackets), several people tumbling through doorway

2. Close-up of opposition lawmaker Chen Ting-fei pulling the hair of a ruling party lawmaker

3. Various of lawmakers scuffling on the podium

4. Wide of a lawmaker throwing water at people on podium

5. Wide of a lawmaker screaming

6. Various of lawmakers scuffling


About 50 Taiwan lawmakers pushed and wrestled each other to the ground during a parliament session on Tuesday.

Ruling Kuomintang party lawmakers were occupying the podium to prevent the opposition party from revoking Taiwan's capital gains tax.

Local television broadcast footage of angry female lawmakers pulling each other's hair, throwing water and scuffling on the podium.

One female legislator from Kuomintang burst into tears as she was forced from the podium by a male counterpart.

The Taiwanese parliament is well-known for its fiery debate often leading to mass brawls between members, but in recent years has calmed down.

The capital gains tax for stock transactions was approved by Kuomintang last year and introduced in January, but traders and business groups have strongly opposed the tax.