San Francisco, CA - March 5, 2013

1. Medium of Carbon Motors "E7" demo police car

2. Medium of police car interior

3. Close of touch screen with infrared camera

4. Close of front of vehicle

5. SOUNDBITE: Stacy Stephens, Director of Marketing, Carbon Motors Corporation:

"So the Carbon E7 deploys many of the technologies law enforcement uses today and some that are going to be available to them in the future. For example, weapons-of-mass-destruction sensing capability for radiation, chemical and biological sensors. Infrared cameras, gun-shot location devices, license plate recognition systems, things like that. So, we have the tools to provide to the officers so that they can better do their jobs, be more efficient and get more bad guys off the street."

6. Medium of Nomiku's high-tech immersion circulator

7. Close of cooking egg

8. Close of Nomiku's display

9. SOUNDBITE: Lisa Fetterman, Founder, Nomiku:

"How sous vide works is you put your ingredients inside of a bag. You dip it into the water and give it a barometric seal and then once it's vacuum sealed you let it sit in the precise temperature water bath."

10. Close of circulator with cookbook in background

11. Medium of Fetterman cuting pear with circulator in foreground

12. SOUNDBITE: Lisa Fetterman, Founder, Nomiku:

"We went on kickstarter, the most successful kickstarter in the food category. We got mostly mail orders from techies who actually never used sous vide before or even heard of it. They just loved the UI."

13. Close of Playtell display

14. Close of connecting grandma & granddaughter on Playtell

15. Close of scrolling through interactive books and games

16. SOUNDBITE: Jason DePerro - Chief Product Officer, Playtell

"At Launch Fest we're showing off Playtell. This is our Beta application. We're in the iTunes Ap store. We're a family-communication platform. Children and their baby-boomer grandparents or their parents that may be traveling or at work can see one other in a real-time video chat application. What we have is games and books. We have a whole bookshelf and play box they can play with. They can select one together and in real they'll be able to read the story together and see where one another are gesturing and talking. So it's really an opportunity for them to create a stronger bond and relationship."

17. Close of Playtell software

18. Close of two iPad with Playtell software


The annual Launch Fest in San Francisco aimed to show off new gadgets and products to make potential investors say, 'Wow!" This year's offerings included a high-tech police cruiser to a kitchen tool by Nomiku, that promises to turn techies into top chefs.

"We went on kickstarter, the most successful kickstarter in the food category," said Lisa Fetterman, founder of Nomiku. "We got mostly mail orders from techies who actually never used sous vide before or even heard of it."

This is the festival's sixth year.



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