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Daredevil to tightrope walk over Chicago River



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Gaza mortar fired on Israel for first time since truce: army

Palestinians fired a mortar round into southern Israel Tuesday in the first attack since an August 26 ceasefire, without causing any casualties, the...

Northern California wildfire devastates town

Dan Linville and his son were sitting in their living room when they smelled smoke. When they looked outside, they saw a black cloud coming over the hills.

US general refuses to rule out larger ground role in Iraq

The most senior U. S. military officer raised the possibility on Tuesday that U. S. troops might need to take on a larger ground role as they fend off...

Amtrak partially restores Northeast service after down 11 hours

Amtrak restored partial service for the Northeast corridor linking Washington and Philadelphia after...

Ukraine ratifies EU deal, offers special status to rebels

Ukraine ratified a sweeping agreement with the European Union on Tuesday - an issue at the heart of the Russia‑West crisis over its future - and...

Congress scrutinizes Obama military strategy

President Barack Obama's strategy to combat Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria is being scrutinized in Congress, where the expanded military...

UN: Nearly $1 billion needed now to stop Ebola

The number of Ebola cases could start doubling every three weeks in West Africa, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, warning that the outbreak will...

Islamic State supporter warns of attacks against US: SITE

A supporter of Islamic State militants has warned of attacks on the United States and its allies if they continue to carry out military action against the...