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Here's the latest news for Thursday, July 31st: American travelers warned on Ebola outbreak; Eric Cantor bids farewell; Workers hurt in trench collapse; Ray Rice apologizes to wife

Today in History

Highlights of this day in history: A shooting rampage takes place at the University of Texas clock tower; Germany declares war on Russia in World War I; Adolf Hitler opens the Berlin Olympics; Author Herman...

ShowBiz Minute: Grammer, Big Bang, Williams

Actor Kelsey Grammer has testified against the appeal of the man who killed his sister nearly 40 years ago; Contract disputes have delayed production of...

Gas explosions kill 24, injure 271 in Taiwan

A series of underground gas explosions killed 20 people and injured 270 others late Thursday in Taiwan's second‑largest city, authorities said.

Crews work to find villagers swallowed up in landslide in India

Emergency teams use earth movers to find more than 150 people after a landslide swallowed up their town...

Saving Private Smith: The WWI tale to put Hollywood in the shade

Private Wilfred Smith lost all five of his brothers during World War I before an unprecedented royal...

Ebola threat grows in Sierra Leone

MSF charity says struggling against Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone as governments accross the globe say they can contain outbreak. Natalie Thomas reports.

Woman writes with hands and feet simultaneously

A Chinese woman writes Chinese characters, poems, and roman alphabets with her hands and feet at the same time. Roselle Chen reports.

A look inside Paris's last adult cinema

Paris's last exclusively adult cinema continues to cater to the needs of its dwindling clientele, but the might of internet pornography means its days...