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West Virginia tourism looks ahead after chemical spill



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Sharks off the menu and on the tourist trail in Palau

In many places swimmers might prefer to avoid sharks, but wetsuit‑clad tourists in Palau clamour to dive among the predators thanks to a pioneering...

Autumn on the Connecticut River with the swallows

The first swallows appear at sunset, inky flecks in a dusky pink sky. A cloud of birds forms, then another and another.

Go For the Food: Famous noodles in Bangkok

With its fluorescent bulbs and cafeteria‑style tables, the Bangkok restaurant Raan Jay Fai wouldn't win any awards for interior decorating.

New Jersey casino closing after just two years

The most spectacular and costly failure in Atlantic City's 36-year history of casino gambling begins to play out Monday when the $2.4 billion Revel...

Spain dusts off ancient Jewish past

Just outside the 11th‑century walls that surround Avila in central Spain, rows of granite slabs surrounded by neatly trimmed grass mark the spot...

Yankee Mag offers trip ideas for fall in New England

Planning a visit to New England this fall? Yankee Magazine's September‑October issue can help you plan your trip. The magazine, on sale the last...

Raucous roosters ruin Croatia tourist spot

Raucous roosters are driving tourists from a quiet Croatian holiday spot with their incessant cock‑a-doodle‑doos, a local newspaper reported...

Go For the Food: Buffalo, New York's chicken wings

BUFFALO, N. Y. (AP) — Credit for the classic Buffalo wing goes to Teressa Bellissimo, who developed the dish in the kitchen of the Anchor Bar in...

Restaurant critic goes time traveling on Italy's quickest train

We’ve left Rome on Italy’s fastest regular train, a luxurious beast called the...