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London creates One Direction-themed travel itinerary



Teens love vacation selfies - adults, not so much

NEW YORK (AP) — Jacquie Whitt's trip to the Galapagos with a group of teenagers was memorable not just for the scenery and wildlife, but also...

Asia tourist boom fuels airport binge

Faced with snaking queues at immigration, overflowing baggage carousels and expensive flight delays, Asian nations are rushing to build hundreds of new...

Paris suffering rat problem at tourist sites

On a summer's day in central Paris, hundreds of tourists are enjoying a picnic in the city's Tuileries garden.

Old Beijing gets a new lease of life

A Guangzhou‑born businesswoman has stumbled on a vast network of underground tunnels in a historic part of Beijing still in tact.

Britons seen abroad as boozy with bad diets

Young foreigners are drawn to Britain by its rich culture and good manners but are put off by its weather and passion for binge‑drinking and lousy...

Eurostar to launch London-Marseille service

High‑speed cross‑Channel train operator Eurostar said Tuesday it will launch direct services from London to the southern French port city of...

Italy opens theme park in tribute to film industry

ROME (AP) — A new amusement park outside Rome celebrates the world of cinema, taking visitors back to the golden age of Italian film production when...

Cannabis clubs make Barcelona new Amsterdam

A faint smell of cannabis smoke hangs in the air as Susana relaxes on the sofa with her mother Juana and lights up a joint.

World Cup over, but some Argentines won't go home

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Lucas Bazan Pontoni rifled through his pockets for the 45-cent lunch fee as he stood in line at a downtown soup kitchen. When...