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Vegas' storied Sahara casino reborn, transformed



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Barcelona residents fight back against drunken, naked tourists

BARCELONA Spain (Reuters) - A record tourism year may be a boost for Spain's struggling economy,...

Vegas offering all but marriage to LGBT tourists

While gay couples still can't get married in the marriage capital of the world, Las Vegas wants to let them know they — and their money —...

Tourism tanks in Crimea under the Russian flag

Restaurant owner Galina Anchukova looks out across the seaside promenade in sunny Feodosia, with its straggle of strolling tourists, and sees a wasted...

United lures top fliers with promise of a hot meal

To win the hearts of frequent business travelers, United Airlines is going through their stomachs.

Trip Tips: See and live history in Lebanon

Some travelers want to see history, others want to live it. In Lebanon, a slice of land between the Mediterranean and war‑ravaged Syria, you can do a...

Iraq museum inaugurates two halls of statues

The Iraqi National Museum inaugurated two renovated halls adorned with life‑size stone statues on Thursday, highlighting the rich history of a...

British police try to reassure UAE tourists London safe

London police on Thursday tried to reassure UAE tourists that the city's main shopping streets were safe to visit, after the Gulf state's foreign...

Some US colleges calling students back from Israel

Some U. S. colleges are pulling students from overseas study programs in Israel as the Gaza war rages, though the relative calm beyond the immediate battle...

Five free things to do in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM (AP) — There's no shortage of ways to spend your money in Stockholm, one of Europe's most expensive cities. A dinner or even just...