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'Empire of the dead': Paris' Catacombs still entice visitors

A place of fear, legend, inspiration and exploration, Paris's skull and bone‑lined Catacombs still draw thousands of visitors each year, many of...

Zoo in Chile lets the brave tickle a lion's tummy

Dare ya, double dare ya, to tickle a lion's belly. Or touch his menacing claws.

Taylor Swift gets a Bronx cheer as NYC Ambassador

NEW YORK (AP) — Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift! The locals are kvetching about you already. Swift's new gig as New York City's global...

Haiti hopes to woo back tourists with resorts

Off this sleepy southern Haitian village, fishermen in weathered wooden boats slowly move across azure waters. Miles of picture‑perfect sandy beaches...

Funeral museum rises again in death-fixated Vienna

Just in time for Halloween on Friday and a weekend devoted to the dead, Vienna's unashamedly morbid Funeral Museum is now closer to the action: the...

Vatican unveils new air, light systems to protect Michelangelo frescoes

The Vatican on Wednesday unveiled new high‑tech, energy‑saving lighting and air...

Go For the Food: Make an odyssey of one meal, one chef

NEW YORK (AP) — So you've landed in a foodie destination, a happening city brimming with top tier restaurants and chefs sporting...

You're paying more to fly as airlines spend less

Air travelers filling planes in the U. S. at a record pace are missing out on the fuel savings that motorists are finding at the pump.

Molten lava from Hawaii volcano crosses onto residential property

A menacing river of molten lava that bubbled over a road and overran a cemetery on its path toward a...

Kinshasa still rumbles with Ali-Foreman boxing bout

The Tata Raphael stadium looks as though it has lost a few rounds against Muhammad Ali in the 40 years since it staged the greatest boxing fight in history.