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Putin orders building hastened at new Russian spaceport



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Putin orders building hastened at new Russian spaceport

Putin orders building hastened at new Russian spaceport

Japan space agency unveils asteroid hunting probe

Japanese space scientists have unveiled the asteroid hunting space probe they hope to launch later this year on a mission to mine a celestial body.

Underground lab glimpses 'soul' of the Sun

A lab sited under 1.4 kilometres (4,500 feet) of rock has detected particles from the Sun that help to measure activity at the very heart of our star,...

NASA deep-space rocket, SLS, to launch in 2018

The US space agency's powerful deep‑space rocket, known as the Space Launch System (SLS), aims to blast off for the first time in 2018, NASA...

Europe sees five possible sites for first-ever comet landing

The European Space Agency (ESA) on Monday said it had drawn up a shortlist of five possible sites for carrying out the first‑ever landing on a comet....

Experts probe launch failure for EU's satnav project

Experts are racing to identify and fix a problem that saw two satellites from Europe's troubled Galileo satnav programme sent into the wrong orbit....

Former astronaut Nagel dies after illness

HOUSTON (AP) — Steven R. Nagel, a former astronaut who flew on four space shuttle flights, has died after a long illness. He was 67. NASA said in a...

SpaceX rocket explodes during test flight

A SpaceX rocket exploded in midair during a test flight, though no one was injured, as the company seeks to develop a spacecraft that can return to Earth...