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Scientists take weight of the galaxy



Riddle of bulging Moon solved at last

Far from being perfectly round, the Moon has a weird shape, with a highland bulge on the side facing the Earth and another bulge on its far side -- a...

Europe launches last resupply ship to space station

An Ariane 5 ES heavy rocket lifted off from South America late Tuesday bearing Europe's fifth and final robot supply ship for the International Space...

Comet surface is dark and crusty, deep-space probe suggests

A European probe approaching a comet in deep space has found the body's surface to be relatively warm, suggesting it has a mostly "dark, dusty crust,"...

Comet-chasing space probe

European space probe Rosetta enters into the final leg of her six‑billion kilometre journey through the stars on a comet‑chasing mission. VIDEOGRAPHIC

Mars 2020 rover will carry tools to make oxygen

The suite of space‑age tools loaded on NASA's next robotic vehicle, bound for the Red Planet in 2020, will include a device for making oxygen...

NASA to test making rocket fuel ingredient on Mars

NASA plans to make oxygen — a key ingredient of rocket fuel — on Mars early next decade. Space agency officials Thursday unveiled seven...

Supply ship takes off for International Space Station

The European Space Agency's fifth Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-5) is takes off to the International Space Station on an Ariane 5 rocket from French...