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Africa's hairdressers weave a fortune



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How to identify narcissists? Just ask them

Researchers in the US conducted 11 experiments involving a grand total of 2,200 participants and found that identifying narcissists is as simple as asking...

New guidelines could help many pregnant workers

New federal guidelines on job discrimination against pregnant workers could have a big impact on the workplace and in the courtroom. The expanded rules...

Grace blends with danger in obscure art in Haiti

JACMEL, Haiti (AP) — Two men pivot and slide in a forest clearing, their bodies weaving before a handful of spectators in what could be a graceful...

Learning a language while sleeping just might be possible

The idea that dozing off with a textbook under one's pillow enables "learning by osmosis" may be nothing more than a running joke among...

Matt Lauer defends interview with GM's Mary Barra

Matt Lauer has responded to criticism for asking General Motors CEO Mary Barra if she can be both a good parent and a good executive by saying he'd...

Put your personality to the test with new online tool

A new analytical tool can measure how others perceive your personality using nothing more than Facebook posts and compare the results with those of...