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Sizzling Dubai property prices cool down



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A Closer Look: Ways to hide, secure data on phones

Apple got a lot of attention last week when it released a new privacy policy along with a declaration that police can't get to your...

US existing home sales fall in August

Fewer Americans bought homes in August, as investors retreated from real estate and first‑time buyers remained scarce.

Five ways to protect yourself from data breaches

Data breaches at retailers aren't going away but there are ways consumers can protect themselves from future heists of their payment card information.

Alibaba shares rise 36 percent to open at $92.70 in public debut on New...

Alibaba shares rise 36 percent to open at $92.70 in public debut on New York Stock Exchange .

Family of CIA contractor slain in Benghazi may sue

The family of a CIA contractor killed in Benghazi, Libya, has filed claims seeking $2 million in damages from the CIA and State Department, alleging there...

Review: Larger iPhones eliminate reason to switch

It's easy to dismiss Apple's new iPhones as merely catching up to Android. After all, phones running Google's Android system long have had...

Home Depot breach affected 56M debit, credit cards

Home Depot said Thursday that a data breach that lasted for months at its stores in the U. S. and Canada affected 56 million debit and credit cards, far...

Native Americans getting final settlement payments

Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans have started receiving the final cash payments this week from one of the largest government settlements in U. S....

US average rate on 30-year home loan 4.23 percent

Average long‑term U. S. mortgage rates surged this week, marking their largest one‑week gain this year. Here's a look at rates for fixed...