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New Mexico chile gets certified-product safeguards



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Havana retro-Soviet restaurant a nod to nostalgia

HAVANA (AP) — There's no rice, beans or fried plantains at Havana's newest private restaurant. You can order a minty mojito, but it'll...

Eatery that served toxic tea had labeling citation

A Utah restaurant where a woman unknowingly drank iced tea mixed with chemicals, and nearly died, was cited seven months earlier for improper food labeling.

MAC unveils 'The Simpsons' makeup collection

Announced some time ago, the makeup line inspired by America's longest‑running animated series has finally made its debut. MAC presents the...

Smithsonian adds gay, lesbian history to museum

Hundreds of photographs, papers and historical objects documenting the history of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are being added to the...

Google Street View takes fans behind the scenes of TV homes

Fans of Emmy‑nominated TV series like "Downton Abbey," "Breaking Bad" and "House of Cards" can get psyched for the...

Bourbon production reaches high point since '70s

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — In a business where patience is part of the process, Kentucky bourbon makers are making a big bet by stashing away their...

The app has overtaken the internet

Consumers now spend more time consuming digital content via smartphone and tablet apps than they do via surfing the web -- either on a handset or on the...

Ferrari sells for record $38 million

A red 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta, said to be one of only a handful, was snapped up for $38.1 million in California, becoming the most expensive car...

No Brie for Moscow as cheeses stack up in France after ban

At Alexander Krupetskov’s one‑window cheese store in central Moscow, sales of products from France have tripled in the past two weeks.