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LAPD treatment of blacks in spotlight after high-profile cases



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Gunman in New Zealand kills two, escapes on bike

A gunman in New Zealand shot dead two people and injured a third at an unemployment office before escaping on a bicycle, police say.

Police: Utah suspect swallows stolen ring

OREM, Utah (AP) — Two people were arrested on suspicion of felony theft after police said one of them swallowed a stolen ring in an attempt to hide...

Pakistani protester dies in clashes with police

Pakistani police on Sunday clashed with scattered pockets of anti‑government protesters trying to advance on the prime minister's residence...

San Francisco 49er Ray McDonald accused of domestic violence

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald was arrested early Sunday on felony domestic violence charges after...

China arrests six from OSI unit in food scandal

Chinese authorities have formally arrested six employees from a unit of US food supplier OSI Group, the parent company and the government said, over a...

Four members of suburban Chicago family found shot to death

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Four members of one family were found shot to death at their home in a Chicago suburb, police said on Sunday.

Missing British boy with tumor found in Spain

LONDON (AP) — A critically ill 5-year‑old boy who was taken out of a British hospital against doctors' advice has been found in Spain,...

Barista-stand owner faces prostitution charge

The owner of bikini coffee stands in Washington state banked more than $2 million in just three years because her baristas were also selling sex acts,...

Russian train-surfers, extreme sport or social problem?

Since he was 10, Sasha has taken the train everyday between Moscow and his home in the suburbs. Only instead of sitting inside with the other passengers,...