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Asia's old communities vanishing amid rapid growth



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Grafted tree producing 40 different fruit varieties

For most of the year it looks like any other fruit tree.

Clarification: Cooper Union story

In a story Aug. 15, The Associated Press reported that undergraduates at Cooper Union paid tuition before 1902, and that the school then became free. The...

Decrepit 110-room Philly estate on market for $20m

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A dilapidated 110-room, 70,000-square‑foot estate is back on the market, but an architect says the $20 million price tag...

Beijing, Chicago architects to design Lucas Museum

Architects from Beijing and Chicago will design George Lucas' new museum to be built along Chicago's lakefront. The Lucas Museum of Narrative...

Cork. It's not just for wine and bulletin boards

Cork. It's not just for wine stoppers and bulletin boards anymore. Embraced by some progressive furniture makers decades ago and a staple in...

Gehry redesign of art museum yields more space

The Philadelphia Art Museum's newest exhibit showcases ... the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Final 3: IOC set to keep 3 bids for 2022 Games

Olympic leaders meet Monday to decide which cities make the cut in the race for the 2022 Winter Games. It should be an easy choice. After a series of voter...

Protesters march against Tokyo Olympic stadium

A group of protesters marched around Tokyo's National Stadium on Saturday, demonstrating against plans to destroy the 56-year‑old facility and...