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Beijing, Chicago architects to design Lucas Museum



Cork. It's not just for wine and bulletin boards

Cork. It's not just for wine stoppers and bulletin boards anymore. Embraced by some progressive furniture makers decades ago and a staple in...

Gehry redesign of art museum yields more space

The Philadelphia Art Museum's newest exhibit showcases ... the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Final 3: IOC set to keep 3 bids for 2022 Games

Olympic leaders meet Monday to decide which cities make the cut in the race for the 2022 Winter Games. It should be an easy choice. After a series of voter...

Protesters march against Tokyo Olympic stadium

A group of protesters marched around Tokyo's National Stadium on Saturday, demonstrating against plans to destroy the 56-year‑old facility and...

Jane Fonda puts ranch up for sale

PECOS, N. M. (AP) — Jane Fonda is putting her northern New Mexico ranch up for sale. The Swan Land Company of Bozeman, Montana, announced Friday that...

Rem Koolhaas strips architecture in Biennale

In an era of "starchitects," Rem Koolhaas, who merits mention as one himself, wants to strip the discipline to its barest elements, bypassing the cult of...

Man turns bedroom into video game arcade

37-year‑old New York man converts one bedroom apartment into an arcade. (June 6)

To demolish or design: Japan split on 2020 stadium

As Tokyo prepares to demolish the half‑century old stadium that hosted the first Olympics in Asia, debate is raging over whether the colossal,...