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The power of cute: Hello Kitty Con debuts in LA



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Guam crafter named master carver

A woman who has created and carved cultural art for more than 22 years on Tuesday was honored with the title "Sainan Minehalom Manlasgue‑Adotnon I...

Missouri auditor revels in Hollywood, history

Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich says he's excited about a big success that's been years in the making. He's not talking about his likely...

AP PHOTOS: Group lists 11 endangered US landscapes

Large folk art creations in urban Detroit and Los Angeles neighborhoods, a museum garden in New York and a massive light installation on the San...

What does Michelle Obama turn out for? A turnip

So what will Michelle Obama turn out for? Turns out it's a turnip. Video of the first lady dancing with a turnip has gone viral after the White House...

Jay Leno returning to series TV with CNBC car show

Jay Leno is returning to nightly television.

Alecia Moore Is Leaving Pink

The 35-year‑old entertainer is just being herself in You+Me, her new acoustic project with Canadian singer‑songwriter Dallas Green. She talks about the freedom of recording without expectations....

Old-school sailboats return to Poland's mighty Vistula

Gliding down the river on a sleek wooden hull, its white sail gleaming as it catches the breeze, the vessel could easily be mistaken for a traditional...

German hunters angered by proposed ban on shooting cats

German hunters are up in arms over a proposed law that would prohibit them from shooting cats, a practice they say helps save birds and rodents. The...

Iggy Azalea Talks Driving, Inspirations

Speaking before the Vevo Superfanfest concert, Iggy Azalea talks about avoiding the paparazzi on the road and reveals who her inspirations are. (Oct. 9)