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Bracing to meet a killer: aid workers in Geneva prep for Ebola



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Having young kids around may ease menopausal symptoms

Spending time with young children could reduce hot flashes and night sweats for some women in mid‑life, according to a new study from the Kinsey...

TB-diabetes co-epidemic looms, experts warn

A report warned Wednesday of a looming tuberculosis‑diabetes epidemic as the two diseases intertwine in many countries, driven in part by a rise in...

Brain abnormalities in people with chronic fatigue: study

A study of 15 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome has found that patients' brains have at least three distinct abnormalities when compared to...

Can you drink too much milk? Study raises questions

Drink lots of milk to strengthen your bones and boost your health, doctors say.

MERS still 'significant' threat to Saudi Arabia

The deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS‑CoV) remains a significant threat to Saudi Arabia, the health ministry said on Tuesday...

Swiss agency approves trial for Ebola vaccine

GENEVA (AP) — The Swiss agency that regulates new drugs said Tuesday it has approved an application for a clinical trial with an experimental Ebola...

US modifies Ebola guidelines after quarantine uproar

US health authorities have issued new guidelines for health workers returning from Ebola‑hit nations after a firestorm of criticism over state...

Niger cholera outbreak kills 51 people

Niger has seen more than 1,300 cases of cholera since the beginning of the year, with 51 people dying of the disease, the United Nations said Monday.

Medical establishment also a casualty of Ebola crisis

Beyond the human tragedy of the Ebola epidemic unfolding in west Africa, the crisis is claiming a collateral victim: trust in the medical order. The...