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Smartphone app promises medical pot delivery



Pacific launches flab fight in world's fattest region

The new chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) said Wednesday that he was determined to change the unhealthy lifestyle choices that have made his...

US doctor in Africa tests positive for Ebola

An aid organization says a U. S. doctor working with Ebola patients in Liberia has tested positive for the deadly virus.

Fruit and veg: Five-a-day is OK, says study

British nutritionists threw down the gauntlet to dietary guidelines in April by declaring seven daily portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, rather than...

Russia: McDonald's food has 'too many calories'

Nearly a quarter‑century after McDonald's startled and delighted Soviets with their first taste of American fast‑food culture, the...

Top doctor dies from Ebola after treating dozens

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — A leading virologist who risked his own life to treat dozens of Ebola patients died Tuesday from the disease, officials...

Many heavy kids think they're normal weight

NEW YORK (AP) — Nearly a third of children in a national survey didn't have an accurate idea of their own weight — most of them heavy or...

Covering up in the sun

The benefits of a suntan are well‑known -- a toned‑up healthy look, a lift to the spirits and, perhaps most importantly, exposure to the essential vitamin D. But ultra‑violet rays still...

Gaza doctors save baby from her dead mother's womb

When the doctors gently pulled the tiny newborn from her mother's womb in an emergency Caesarian section, the woman had already been dead for an hour.

Scientists say fistbump better than shake

Fist bumps are more hygienic than handshakes and drastically reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases, researchers in Britain have found. The study...