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Wildlife volunteer pleads in deaths of 300 animals



Japan wraps up Pacific whale hunt

Japan announced Tuesday that it had wrapped up a whale hunt in the Pacific, the second campaign since the UN's top court ordered Tokyo to halt a...

US GMO crop companies double down on anti-labeling efforts

One year after the launch of a social media effort to allay consumers' concerns about the safety of foods made from genetically modified crops, U. S....

McDonald's Japan to strengthen checks on chicken

McDonald's in Japan is increasing its checks on chicken from suppliers in China and Thailand after allegations a Chinese supplier sold expired...

Whale watching boat snagged by lobster trap rope

Whale watchers are having an unexpected nighttime experience outside Boston after their boat was snagged by a lobster trap rope.

Covering up in the sun

The benefits of a suntan are well‑known -- a toned‑up healthy look, a lift to the spirits and, perhaps most importantly, exposure to the essential vitamin D. But ultra‑violet rays still...

NASA rover breaks out-of-this-world distance record

The US space agency's Opportunity rover has now clocked more miles on Mars than any man‑made vehicle to reach another celestial body.

$1,000 pill now hepatitis C treatment of choice

A $1,000-per‑pill drug that insurers are reluctant to pay for has quickly become the treatment of choice for a liver‑wasting viral disease that...

Study shows quick, short runs pack health benefits

Going out for a quick, daily run may be just as effective as a long‑distance jaunt when it comes to prolonging your life, said a study out Monday.

Asians eating scaly anteaters to extinction: conservationists

The scaly anteater, which looks like an artichoke with legs and a tail, is being eaten out of existence...