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Southern California prepares for big storm swells



India asks Pepsi to cut down sugar in sodas

India has asked US soft drinks giant PepsiCo to reduce the sugar content of its sodas as the country battles growing levels of obesity and diabetes.

Humans causing irreversible damage to planet: UN

Humans risk causing irreversible and widespread damage to the planet unless there’s faster action to limit the fossil fuel emissions blamed for...

West Africans get creative with Ebola awareness

A young man on camera names the person who's challenged him to dump the contents of a bucket over his head. But in a twist on the ice bucket...

Colorado city puts off anti-pot 'lab rat' campaign

A provocative anti‑marijuana campaign aimed at Colorado youths has angered marijuana activists for its tag line, "Don't Be a Lab Rat."...

Japan lab unable to replicate 'stem cell' findings

Researchers in Japan have been unable to replicate experiments that were hailed earlier this year as a "game‑changer" in the quest to grow...

Crocodile attacks couple during late-night dip

A Florida first - Crocodile attacks couple during late‑night dip

Ethiopia's herbal high struggles after foreign ban

For a town seen as a key trading centre for khat, a drug that is banned in many countries, Ethiopia's Awaday can seem pretty drowsy and...

Hawaii volcano lava flow could threaten homes

Scientists are monitoring lava flowing from a Hawaii volcano eruption that could threaten homes.

Venezuela battles obesity amid dearth of good food

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Venezuela's socialist government is sounding the alarm about growing waistlines in a country where record food shortages...