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Ebola: Providing time to fight the virus

People who shared an apartment with the country's first Ebola patient are emerging from quarantine healthy.

WHO: Ebola vaccine trials in West Africa in January

GENEVA (AP) — A top World Health Organization official says the hunt for an Ebola vaccine will produce data about whether they are safe by December...

Antibiotics may help animals spread salmonella

Giving animals antibiotics may make them sicker and could lead some to spread even more salmonella than they would have otherwise, US researchers...

Paralysed man walks again after breakthrough spinal treatment

A paralysed Bulgarian man can walk again after receiving revolutionary treatment in Poland in a...

Warming Earth heading for hottest year on record

Earth is on pace to tie or even break the mark for the hottest year on record, federal meteorologists say.

Chewing too much hassle? Japan's got just the thing

Are you worried that you're just not chewing enough to keep your mind and body in tip‑top condition? Then never fear: Japan has invented...

US clinics say not best place to check for Ebola

The deadly virus' arrival in the U. S. has put the spotlight on weak spots in American hospitals, but those facilities are not the only ones who have...

Ebola crisis turns a corner as US issues new treatment protocols

The United States issued stringent new protocols on Monday for health workers treating Ebola victims,...

Sea Shepherd founder eyes return as new ship launched

Conservation group Sea Shepherd launch a new ship named after award‑winning actor Martin Sheen as its exiled founder said he hopes to return to the...

Screen travellers on exit, not entry: Ebola study

Screening air travellers on departure from Ebola‑hit countries is far smarter than monitoring them when they arrive abroad, experts said on Tuesday.