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Connecticut jury begins weighing charges against former governor



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Obama not due to meet Iran's Rouhani but open to it: US official

Obama not due to meet Iran's Rouhani but open to it: U. S. official

Senate blocks effort to stop Obama on immigration

Senate Democrats have blocked a Republican effort to prevent President Barack Obama from acting unilaterally on immigration.

Narendra Modi promises access to banking for India's poor

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised on Friday greater access to financial services for nearly 500 million Indians who do not have a...

Argentina passes price control law

Argentina's Congress passed a bill Thursday giving the government powers to regulate prices and production in a bid to control runaway inflation, a...

French president quizzed over domestic failures

PARIS (AP) — French President Francois Hollande sought Thursday to stake out a forceful position on international affairs, even as his failures on...

Emma Watson calls for more women in politics in Uruguay

British actress Emma Watson drew hundreds of young fans Wednesday as she visited Uruguay's legislature to promote women's participation in...

Fiji coup leader surges ahead in election count

Military strongman Voreqe Bainimarama was on course Thursday to win the South Pacific nation's first election since he staged a bloodless coup in...

GOP holds Hagan to standard she used in 2008

In 2008, North Carolina state legislator Kay Hagan upset Sen. Elizabeth Dole after Hagan and her Democratic allies drilled in voters' minds the idea...

Forget high-tech gadgets, crime-hit South Africans go for coffins

Many properties in crime‑ridden South Africa are secured by electronic burglar alarms and high...