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Hot sauce plant's tour offers whiff of excitement



Coffee and pizza: a slice of life in troubled Libya

In corners of Tripoli unaffected by militia violence gripping the capital, Libyans sip espresso and eat pizza -- defiantly, as the sound of gunfire echoes...

Havana retro-Soviet restaurant a nod to nostalgia

HAVANA (AP) — There's no rice, beans or fried plantains at Havana's newest private restaurant. You can order a minty mojito, but it'll...

No Brie for Moscow as cheeses stack up in France after ban

At Alexander Krupetskov’s one‑window cheese store in central Moscow, sales of products from France have tripled in the past two weeks.

Quake is major test for hard-luck California city

The historic blue‑collar town of Vallejo is a short distance but a far cry from the touristy Napa Valley vineyards and quaint towns.

Quake cleanup shouldn't deter tourists: businesses

Businesses in California's wine capital on Monday mopped up thousands of dollars in high‑end vintages, swept glass from ghostly downtown streets...

The latest on damaging earthquake in California

This is what Associated Press reporters on the scene are learning following the largest earthquake to hit the San Francisco Bay Area in 25 years: 5:43...

California winemakers cleaning up after quake

Winemakers in California's storied Napa Valley woke up to thousands of broken bottles and barrels as a result of Sunday's earthquake. The...

Nut price surge could leave Nutella-lovers shelling out

Fans of chocolate spread Nutella or the hazelnut‑filled Ferrero Rocher could soon be facing rising bills for their nutty treats because of poor...

Noodles: Friend or foe? South Koreans defend diet

Kim Min‑koo has an easy reply to new American research that hits South Korea where it hurts — in the noodles. Drunk and hungry just after dawn,...