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White House breach unacceptable, 'will never happen again': Chief



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Kurd troops attack Iraq jihadists on three fronts

Kurdish troops launched offensives against the Islamic State jihadist group on three fronts in northern Iraq on Tuesday, senior officers told AFP.

Obama welcomes signing of Afghan security pact

President Barack Obama says the signing of a security agreement between the U. S. and Afghanistan marks a "historic day" in the partnership...

Hong Kong leader rejects protesters' demands

Pro‑democracy protesters demanded that Hong Kong's top leader meet with them, threatening wider actions if he did not, after he said Tuesday...

One student shot second in custody at NC high school

Police say a student was shot after an argument at a central North Carolina high school just before school began.

Spain's Catalonia halts independence vote campaign

The regional government of Catalonia says it will heed a decision by Spain's top court suspending its plans to hold an independence referendum but...

Realtor's body found suspect pleads not guilty

A man accused of abducting and killing a real estate agent in rural Arkansas pleaded not guilty Tuesday to preliminary charges of kidnapping and capital...

Hong Kong protests: Live Report

15:52 GMT - Hazel Chan, 25, a customer service agent for a private medical firm, says: "It was really painful on Sunday. A gas canister fell right in front...

Divorce law out of synch with same-sex marriage

Cori Jo Long, 31, and Brooke Powell, 30, did everything right before they married. They fell in love slowly, based on years of friendship stretching back...