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Charity kazoo chorus sets record at New York arena



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Green dream: Can UN summit revive climate issue?

Five years ago, the environment movement was in its heyday as politicians, actors, rock stars and protestors demanded a looming UN summit brake the...

Retardant record set on massive California fire

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has set an agency record for the amount of retardant dropped on a wildfire in a single day.

Dutch unveil big plan to fight rising tides

The Netherlands on Tuesday unveiled a multi‑billion‑euro, multi‑decade plan to counter the biggest environmental threat to the...

Hawaii road crews preparing for approach of lava

Road crews on Hawaii's Big Island have begun clearing access roads in case a lava flow from a nearby volcano cuts a main highway.

Japan's whaling bid tested by world panel

Japan's plans to resume a controversial Antarctic whale hunt in the name of research, which opponents say is really just for the meat, came under...

Leonardo DiCaprio named UN messenger of peace for climate

Hollywood actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio has been named a United Nations Messenger of Peace, a post he will use to raise awareness...

New indictment against ex-BP exec

A federal grand jury has issued a new indictment against a former BP executive charged with obstructing a congressional investigation into the 2010 Gulf...

OSHA investigates death of elephant caretaker

Federal workplace safety officials have launched an investigation into the death of a Maine man who was crushed by one of the two elephants in his care....

TransCanada says Keystone XL costs to nearly double

TransCanada says Keystone XL costs to nearly double