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A new comic book tells the life story of Miley Cyrus



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Leonard Cohen says touring has improved his mood

Leonard Cohen, who returned to performing after a 15-year hiatus in 2008, says touring has improved his mood. "Well, getting back on the road has improved...

Review: Broadway's 'Love Letters' is thin missive

What's the minimum requirement for putting on a play? Is it performers? Sets? Memorization? Surely, at a minimum, it's acting, right? More than...

Doggie bag

A guest carries dogs in a bag outside the Fendi collection show during the 2015 Spring / Summer Milan Fashion Week

Berlin wall

Cement slabs that used to make up the Berlin wall are painted with the portraits of international politicians, leaders and revolutionaries in Teltow

Milan Fashion Week

British model Cara Delevingne presents a creation of the Fendi collection during the 2015 Spring / Summer Milan Fashion Week in Milan

NFL's Vikings release Simpson after new charges

The Minnesota Vikings released Jerome Simpson on Thursday following the revelation of more trouble for the wide receiver: three misdemeanors related to a...

Sophia Loren, almost 80, opens life exhibit in Mexico

Italian film legend Sophia Loren inaugurated Thursday an exhibition in Mexico showing off personal treasures including glamorous dresses, silk purses and...

Discover Rome at a run with jogger guide tours

Want to discover Rome and keep fit in the process? Jogger guides in the eternal city are taking tourists from around the world on a trot from the Colosseum...

Download woes and HealthKit flaw bite iPhone software

Apple's typically adoring fans were grousing on Thursday over having to dump pictures and other digital keepsakes from iPhones to make room for a big,...