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A new comic book tells the life story of Miley Cyrus



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Jennifer Lawrence, Carrie Underwood, Box Office

FBI looks into allegations of online hacking of stars including Jennifer Lawrence; Carrie Underwood expecting baby; "Guardians of the Galaxy" top grossing...

Versatile Viggo speaks French in 'Far From Men'

Is there a language Viggo Mortensen doesn't speak? The multilingual Danish‑American actor has performed in everything from English to Elvish....

Chris Brown pleads guilty to assault in Washington

Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in Washington, where he was accused of punching a man who tried to join a picture the singer was...

Singer Chris Brown pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault in US, sentenced...

Singer Chris Brown pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault in US, sentenced to time served.

Netflix unveils new way to share recommendations

Netflix is giving its Internet video subscribers a more discreet way to recommend movies and TV shows to their Facebook friends after realizing most...

Battling biographies head to Toronto to win awards season hearts

As a first‑time film director, television comedian Jon Stewart pleads ignorance about the...

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Here's the latest news for Tuesday, September 2nd: US attack in Somalia; Syrian rebel group demands; Man caught in possible abduction case; FBI responds to celebrity hackings.