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School to begin in Chicago with more safety guards



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Chiefs give Santos shot to fulfill father's dreams

David Burnett had just landed in Atlanta on a business trip when his phone buzzed with a voice mail. On the recording, breaking with emotion, was the...

Expelled black students' parents sue Ohio district

The parents of four black students who allege their children were expelled over rap music videos and targeted because of race sued a suburban school...

NYC shuts 9 pre-K centers just before school start

Two days before the start of school, Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration said it is shuttering nine pre‑kindergarten centers and delaying the...

Princeton worker put on leave over medical pot

A Princeton University employee and marijuana legalization activist who said he was told to choose between his job and using medical marijuana is on paid...

Study: Playing music helps sharpen kids' brains

The founder of a Los Angeles‑based nonprofit that provides free music lessons to low‑income students from gang‑ridden neighborhoods...

Cadet parade

Russian cadets from the Suvorov military school parade in Saint‑Petersburg to mark the start of the academic year in Russia

With rebels at the door, Ukrainian children start school

"What are the first words of the Ukrainian anthem?" teacher Yulia Likhoshva asks her students. It is Monday, the first day back at school for children...