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Shadowy al Qaeda cell, hit by US in Syria, seen as 'imminent' threat



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Obama urges world to follow US lead on climate

In the first international test for his climate‑change strategy, President Barack Obama pressed world leaders Tuesday to follow the United...

Woman bound in trunk of car in Los Angeles area rescued after calling 911

A woman bound in the trunk of her car in the Los Angeles area managed to call emergency responders on a...

US-led air strikes kill at least 70 Islamic State fighters: Monitor

U. S.-led air strikes against Islamic State killed at least 70 of its fighters on Tuesday in north and...

Bin Laden son-in-law sentenced to life in US prison

Osama bin Laden's son‑in‑law and former Al‑Qaeda spokesman was jailed for life on Tuesday after a US judge warned he remained a...

UN: More than 3500 killed in Ukraine conflict

The U. N. human rights office says the death toll from the conflict in eastern Ukraine has reached at least 3,543 if the 298 victims of the downing of...

Kerry and Abbas meet to discuss Gaza situation

US Secretary of State John Kerry met with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to discuss the situation in Gaza, a state department official said.

West Bank clashes erupt after killing of men blamed for Israeli teen deaths

Clashes break out in the West Bank after the killing of two Hamas members from Hebron blamed by Israel...

US forecasts more than 500,000 Ebola cases in West Africa

Global experts issued stark new warnings of the scale of West Africa's Ebola outbreak on Tuesday, with the U. S. government estimating between 550,000...